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Bellboxes – It’s fun to play in a creative way. Channel for children 1 – 4 years old. Hi everybody- welcome to my channel! I’m Kristjana- a mother of four kids. My home is full of toys and I create videos with the things I can find all around me. All children love to play with toys. When they play anything can happen. The child’s imagination is powerful. It dosn’t follow any rules and that’s the beauty of it. In my videos I try to imitate children’s creativity. I play with the toys like they would play. I play with Playmobil- Lego- Duplo- Little people- Teletubbies- toys that don’t have any special names and a lot of other things that we don’t presume as toys but can always be a part of the creation. Last but not least we’ve created adventures starring our cat Simba and his soft friend George. Come and play with us! – Subscribe on the link here below – follow us on Facebook – … and enjoy the Bellboxes videos. Thanks – Kristjana.
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