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Hello there! So here is some info about me and my content 🙂 ✱ I’m 18 year old girl named Katrina. I was born in Latvia. My native language is Lettish- also I speak Russian and English. ✱ My username ✱ Xbox – favourite console when I started YouTube- Gamer – because I love games- K – first letter of my name 🙂 ✦ I am basically doing animations on this channel. Sometimes progresses- sometimes funny moments or just giving review on animators who (In my opinion) have good stuff on their channel and has something do with animations. ✦ My animation style is cartoonish and I am not going for “prefection”. In a first place I do it for my entertainment and if others like it- then I am happy that others enjoy my animations. ✖ DO NOT ✖ ⦁ Don’t ask me for private stuff (intros- remakes- comissions- requests- sugests on songs- models) ⦁ Don’t be disrespectful to people who put effort into their creation -) My partnership –
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