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No matter who you are or where you’re from- there are moments where everyone finds themselves longing to escape reality. For many- music serves as that figurative time-out. The artist called K-391 conceptualises your musical getaway in the shape of a unique headset. Instead of an actual person or group of people- K-391 is an innovative headset that is the living embodiment of its creator- functioning as a portal to another reality. When ignited- K-391 enables your escape from reality- with music as the vehicle and the destination only limited by your imagination. Through sweeping soundscapes and genre-bending compositions- K-391’s musical universe is the soundtrack to engaging narratives told through visual content across multiple platforms. K.391 is an audiovisual experience inspired by all walks of life – including music- gaming- film- technology- architecture and vintage futurism. K-391: Escape reality through music. #IIIIXI
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